Status Quo

The status quo in healthcare has become unacceptable and was exposed in the pandemic, collapsing health systems globally, made up of the "Cements" (Insurers, Clinics, Hospitals, Medical Centers, Laboratories, Pharmacies, traditional and fragmented Health Systems), bureaucratic entities and slow to respond, which were not up to the challenge.

On the contrary, it was the technological organizations (startups and scaleups), based on value, scientific evidence, research and innovation, that were the protagonists of this new paradigm in health, changing from a system based on “sick care” towards one focused on comprehensive health care, personalized, preventive, participatory, proactive and predictive, putting people at the center and not calling them “patients”, because now they have an active and not a passive role in their healthcare, through new exponential technologies, which really achieve this goal, providing access and coverage in a timely manner.

If you want to break this status quo, here we give you the tools and networks, so you can get to work. It is not an easy task, but it is worth fighting for this cause.

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