Value Proposition

We deliver a unique, sublime and comprehensive experience to people, throughout their health process end to end (Management; Prevention; Diagnosis; Treatment; Rehabilitation and Augmented Health), through a disruptive solution with interoperability standards, by integrating our currency specialized in healthtech ($EHTDAO) to the innovations (platforms, products and services) of the members of our global community, focused on the person with an active role, based on scientific evidence, value, continuous health (personalized, preventive, participatory, proactive and predictive), which are approached with the new innovations and exponential technologies in health, providing access and coverage in a timely manner, unlike the obsolete "cements" (Insurers, Clinics, Hospitals, Medical Centers, Laboratories, Pharmacies, Systems of traditional and fragmented Health), based on the "care of the sick".

Read on to dive deeper into how we differentiate ourselves from this competition.

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