Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO)

The future of work is not corporate and new investments will not come from traditional Venture Capital, but rather will be based on crypto networks and DAOs, which are new ways of coordinating, measuring and rewarding contributions to complex ecosystems.

This shift is already beginning to unlock new earning potential for individuals, and it is leading toward an increasing transfer of value capture from companies to people participating as individuals in crypto networks.

This is the case of Exponential Healthtech DAO LLC, an Internet-native organization with functions that are automated through smart contracts and with its ownership distributed among community members, who make decisions collectively, following a shared purpose “Health becomes a reality ”, organizing in an open, flexible, fun and dynamic way on the web3, disrupting the status quo in global health care.

Finally, due to the limits of the human brain and cognitive overload, we cannot actively participate in many DAOs at the same time, for which we make an effort, differentiate ourselves and deliver a lot of value to our community in digital health, so that together we continue to enjoy this journey for a long time, by focusing on this Massive Transformative Purpose (MTP), without the need to go to other DAOs.

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