We have created two native tokens, called Exponential Healthtech ($EHTDAO). The Governance Tokens (GT) and Liquidity Provider (LP), which have a 1:1 relationship, allow voting inside and outside the BNB Chain, respectively.

The staking will be for 3, 6 and 12 months to avoid inflation, stabilize the price of $EHTDAO and distribute rewards to holders.

1) Supply:

  • Max Supply: 700,000,000 (100%)

  • Total Supply: 105,000,000 (15%)

  • Circulating Supply: 105,000,000 (15%)

2) Burning: The Liquidity Provider (LP) token is the very mechanism of profit distribution, investors earn as long as they have LP tokens.

To exit with profits, they burn all or some percentage of the LP tokens, which can be manually activated on predetermined dates or specific days for participants to withdraw from the DAO, immediately distributing the new percentages in the supplies.

Also, a private exit can be executed to investors who need an early exit or when expelled by the community, by setting parameters, such as the amount of LP tokens burned, the type of token sent and its amount.

Finally, LP burn can be turned on/off and freeze, as deemed appropriate by Exponential Healthtech DAO members.

3) Monetary Policy: The Exponential Healthtech token ($EHTDAO) is deflationary, because no more coins will be generated or introduced to the market in the future, having a maximum supply of 700,000,000 with the goal of developing scalable, secure and decentralized networks. The tokens will be distributed from the main wallet, according to different times and community consensus.

4) Token Distribution:

5) Exponential Index and $EHT Distribution: We created the Exponential Index, to determine the relative weight and influence that each member has according to the addition of their followers and subscribers in the following personal social networks (LinkedIn, Twitter, Clubhouse, YouTube and TikTok).

After certain activities in specific milestones, it will distribute the $EHTDAO tokens (1:1 Ratio of GT and LP) according to the following airdrops in the community on Telegram:

6) Earnings: We have defined five ways to share profits and incentivize rewards:

1) Staking: Reserve a certain amount of your tokens for 3, 6 and 12 months to avoid inflation, stabilize the price of $EHTDAO and distribute rewards, such as passive income to holders, by becoming a validator of transactions in the network.

2) Growth of Assets Under Management (AUM), according to the investments, use cases, transactions and exchanges they have with smart contracts, Decentralized Finance (DeFi), supply and demand of the global market in healthtech, increasing the price of $EHTDAO, observed on CoinMarketCap.

3) $EHTDAO as a global currency in digital health for the transaction of products, services and unique, sublime and comprehensive experiences for people, throughout their health process end to end, made available by members of the community (startups and scaleups) in 86 countries around the world.

4) Obtaining $EHTDAO tokens by participating, managing and leading different activities to develop the community, Ambassadors, Task Force, content marketing strategies (news, blogs, videos and podcasts), aggregators, forums and international congresses.

5) Distribution of dividends according to the amount of tokens, percentage and times, estimated by the community.

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