Utility & Use Cases

$EHTDAO has five great utilities or use cases:

1) Global currency in healthtech for the transaction of unique, sublime and comprehensive products, services and experiences for people, throughout their health process end to end, made available by members of the community (startups and scaleups) at 86 countries around the world.

2) Currency to invest in other DAOs or web3 companies in healthtech with greater value, impact and shared purpose.

3) Distribution of ownership of Exponential Healthtech DAO and currency to vote on the different decisions, through Governance Tokens (GT) and Liquidity Provider (LP), which have a 1:1 ratio, which allow voting in and out of the BNB Chain, respectively.

4) Currency to generate commercial synergies and collaboration networks by actively participating in the community, 10 Task Force, international forums and congresses.

5) Passive income from token staking, growth in Assets Under Management (AUM) and distribution of dividends.

Finally, we invite you to create the future of digital health together.

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